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Nice relaxing weekend.

Watched the entire series of Firefly and the movie Serenity over Saturday and Sunday. The series wasn't terrible... though I'd have to say that I personally thought it was a little overrated by many in the Sci-Fi fan community.
Had it continued for a 2nd season, I imagine it would have gotten better, as in general I liked the later episodes (and the film...) far better than the earlier ones. The whole "Wild West" aspect of it was a bit baffling at first, though it kinda grew on me. I got the feel of what they were going for anyway, and it stopped sticking out as an anachronism.

On Sunday I picked mom up a nice dinner and brought it home since she didn't feel up to going out. Did a few errands and chores that she wanted done special for her as well.

Took Monday off. Did about 6 weeks of laundry (still not finished with that actually...) and took a long walk.

CPR/ First Aid training at work today. Always a fun time.

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