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So a few questions

As a healer I like using HK51 with me. HK has 2 primary stats in Aim and Cunning. Since molecular stabilizers dropped to like 10k on the gtn I have been buying them up and had my cybertech person build the assassin droid armor for him. However that armor is primarly aim and no cunning.

So my question or questions is/are does his aim and cunning stack together or separate? Should I concentrate on getting everything into aim for him for max dps or is using a combo of the 2 the same?

His original armor I think is all aim but his gun and shiv and implants and ear are all cunning. I have made him a better ear with aim and gave him a 28 aim barrel. He did just fine with me soloing End of Torvix even tho it took forever.

Anyways was just wondering about his 2 primary stats where all other comps have just one.

Another one is M14X or however you spell his name. I made him the mando armor droid set. It is all defense and absorb. The only power he has is from his BH gun I bought him with comms for a tank but he still does 1k damage with it. If I were to aug him should I go with Aim his primary stat or power for more damage or give him some absorb and defense augs?

I haven't tried to solo Chasing the Shadow yet with him but I did use him once as a tank when our group couldn't find a fourth for it.

And for the life of me I can't remember what my other two questions I had were.

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