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No gear has 2 stats on them. So finding cunning and aim on a single item wont happen. But from what I know you can apply both. Probably want to balance it out to profit the most (what with diminishing returns).

Anyway, my question;
So, actually decided to reapply my skills. Considering it has an incremental cost per use and as old-school RPG player I have a fundemental objection to respeccing I thought a lot on it, but I really had to learning a bit more post-2.0 about my skills. Also learned that you don't actually have to put 5 skill points in each row, when I put 8 in the lower and 2 in the nex I could suddenly access row 3. Didn't know that before (damn), but now that I did I could avoid some really sucky skills. Like the one giving whirlwind instant Force Breach. I don't think I ever had it on my quickbar after using it 5 times and declaring it sucky, and from what I heard, 2.0 has made it even worse.

Also a power 2.0 ruined was force lift. Pretty useful pre-2.0, I had removed it from my quickbar, so this allowed me to take away skill points away from that doing more damage with the powers I do use. Also was using project a lot before 2.0, but now realised, it's a waste of Force. No more 10% melee damage boost, no more stun-attack giving a powerfull 1-2 combo. It's more points than it's worth, so re-invested those skill points too. In a force-increasing skill, considering I did run out of force point before a lot. Helped mainly by afore-mentioned project, Force in Balance being more costly (not much to do there), and not having a stun-attack anymore and having to waste 40 points doing the same damage with 2 double strikes. Still missing it, being the only power not using Force aside from Wave.

And a lot of people don't like me using wave. But it's the only 'free' power. And I agree it sucks if I wave on the exact same moment a green reticle appears on the ground for a massive assault, but that's more exception than rule. And I always try to push enemies into said green markers with wave if possible. Atleast on bosses it's free damage with no push.

But yeah, now learning a bit of how 2.0 makes powers suck (3 more of my quickbar, it's starting to get empty ) I am not left with a lot. And invested points in them, hopefully getting a bit more powerful and useful.

Now you might wonder, where's the question. Well, during appointing my skill points I noticed "Mind Warp" Before it was just one of the 5 so I didn't mind it much, but learning it could be avoided, I definitely tried applying points to it, and then re-applying them again afterwards learning it did exactly what it said, not more. It states it makes Mind Crush last 1 second longer. The second skill point does 2.

So unmodified it does x-x damage instantly (don't recall) and at that moment did 2030 damage over 6 seconds. Applying one point it did the same x-x damage instantly and still 2030 damage. But now over 7 seconds. 2 points, still 2030 damage over time, this time 8 seconds. I mean... doesn't that make Mind Crush WORSE per invested skill point? Am I missing something here? Or is it seriously the worst skill ever, making a power less potent than more. Is it's function hidden or did BioWare really drop a ball here?
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