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Actually my HK's gun and shiv do have two stats on them as they have an aim barrel and cunning mod on them. Tho why a Shiv uses a barrel and not a handle I've never been able to figure out.

As for reapplying skills I always refer to the TWC website and see what they say. They have a lot of intelligent people who have played way more than I have and give reasons why you want certain skill points in certain skills.

I remembered my other questions.

1. I first thought of this during the Gree event and kept forgetting to ask. But if I am flagged pvp and in a group and heal someone outside of my group just to be nice do they get flagged?

I ask this because my group was doing the heroic 4 Primary something or the other where you fight the big robot 3 times and the set of 3 robots 6 times. While we were fighting the big robot another group of 3 people using a very obviously poorly geared comp healer was doing the 3 robot thing and losing badly. So while I was healing my group I would toss the random circle in their direction to heal them as well and they wouldn't get flagged. I was afraid if I actually popped a bubble on them or used a direct heal on a certain member I would flag them pvp and some people get upset when they get flagged by something that is not their fault.

I did whisper the tank after all the battles were over and said I was trying to help out without getting them flagged and he said he noticed and appreciated it and I just made 3 peoples friend list, also said he was impressed no one died from either group and that I was able to toss heals to both groups. Was a proud moment for Synfal my sorc healer.

2. This question is from more recent events. How do you figure out which way to go with the seeker droids?

I get the green ring and solid bar on part of it. I move in the direction of the bar a few feet and drop the droid again and then bar points in a completely different direction. I move that way and get another direction. Then I get a red circle and can't find a green again until I am in a different area. Meanwhile my buddy gets the same thing on his bar is telling him to go in a different direction than mine and we are grouped up. Is there a secret to figuring out how this works? And for whatever reason the triangulation you can take doesn't seem to help out either.

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