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Saturday I ran a Star wars Edge of the Empire game (New pen and paper RPG). My wife even enjoyed it. The first pre-gen game session went okay. They were trying to escape from Teemo the hutt, on a small spaceport way south from Mos Eisley called "Mos Shuuta". They easily defeated the first few gammoreans (as they should) and picked up the part they needed to make the ship that was available hyperspace capable. Then the tried to sneak into the control center but tripped an alarm when opening it. They had a short battle with the guard droids, and we able to intimidate the overseerer to release the ship. Then while running away from a small stormtrooper squad they made it to the docking bay. They try to Convince the trandoshen slaver they were their to install the part, but he knew they were lying and started blasting them. But he went down quickly.

Then as they made preparations for take off while the Stormtroopers set up an E-web repeating blaster. Blasting off when 2 sets of 2 Tie Fighters started coming up. While one tried to instal the part, one got into the gunwell and the other started taking evasive maneuvers. The battle progressed to the point where they ship (A yt-1300 light frieghter) if it took one more hit it would be destroyed, and there was one TIE left. It missed and they were able to destroy it. and jump to hyperspace.

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