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Here is a great deal on a terrific Seasonic PSU that's good thru tomorrow (5/21). You have to signed up for the Newegg newsletter to be able to use the coupon code on the product page. However, it's got more power than what you'll really need (even with 2 graphics cards), and, if you're willing to wait a bit, chances are that SS-660XP2 will be on sale for the same price before long.

RAM: You should be able to find a good 2x4GB kit for ~$60. Make sure that it doesn't have tall heatsinks, so it won't block the installation of whatever CPU cooler you end up getting.

Graphics card: You can't SLI different models of Nvidia cards; they have to be the same model, with the same sized frame buffer (ie, 2X GTX 650 Ti BOOST 2GB; 2X GTX 660 2GB). The 2GB 650 Ti BOOST has been as low as $139; the 660 as low as $168. At those prices they're close to the same price/performance ratio, as the 660 is roughly 20% faster than the 650 Ti BOOST. You'll also want to stay away from reference models and get one with an aftermarket cooler with 2 fans because they run cooler and a lot quieter. I would just buy one card for now (plenty for gaming at your present resolution) and buy a second one when you upgrade your monitor.

Platter HDD: Try to avoid buying a Seagate if you can. Stick with Western Digital, Hitachi (HGST) or Toshiba (which are made by Hitachi). WD drives carry a price premium, but you can find good deals on HGST and Toshiba models. Also, Newegg has notoriously inadequate packaging for bare HDDs, resulting in a bad drive, so try to buy one elsewhere unless it's a retail package or just an insanely good deal that's worth the risk.

DVD burner: Just about any brand will do; just don't pay more than $20 for one; there's no need to. I'm partial to the Sony Optiarc, myself.

Even cheap motherboards come with good 7.1 sound now. The best is the Realtek ALC 898 with THX TruStudio, which has a lot of the features of a real sound card. Like I said: Just try the onboard out, and if it's not good enough, buy a sound card.

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