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Carwyn had watched all the events unfold before his bleary eyes, his head slumped over on the countertop. As soon as Irithoi announced the caravan was moving, he perked up as best he could. Rummaging in his rucksack for coins, he grabbed a few copper pieces and dropped them in front of the barkeeper.

"Your biggest glassh of water, pleash," he managed as he sat up straighter.

The barkeeper arched an eyebrow at the sloppy ranger, but pulled down a glass so large it was probably a vase and filled it, setting it before Carwyn and collecting the coins.

Carwyn grabbed the glass with both hands and brought it to his mouth. A good amount of liquid got all over the front of his tunic, but for the most part, he managed to down it without incident. Setting the glass back down, he gave a small hiccup and sighed, then glanced over at the the two women looking at him. "Well, shall we be going?"
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