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So another question

I guess this would be for Mav since he did the gunslinger guide on the website.

In the guide you mention there has been talk of going no crit and all power by people even tho you still suggested using crit and gave good reasons for it.

As a gunslinger compared to a sniper would it be better going more power since you are doing more damage per second with 2 guns as opposed to a sniper who takes one shot at a time?

I would think a sniper would benefit from the crit more since he has the one shot at a time on most of his/her shots and the slinger would benefit from more power since he/her is firing multiple shots at a time.

For one shot at time I would think you are hoping it would crit. I don't know if on the slinger if it goes by you fired so this is the damage or if it goes by how many shots actually hit and that does the damage per shot. For instance snipe fires one shot for the sniper but twin fire fires multiple shots for the slinger.

If it is confusing I will try to explain better.

Also you mention going with unlettered mods and enhancements. I know the 28A mods give you more cunning and less power where the unlettered ones give you less cunning and more power. Is it a math thing where the main stat bonus doesn't give you as much oomph as just overall power in that scenario?

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