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first of all thanks for making those ultimate talkie editions, they rock!

unfortunately I am having severe problems running those on a real DOS pc with a LAPC-I + SB16 (made a pentium1 pc for old DOS gaming some 3 years back and it's the first time I get this behavior).
Both original DOS MIs play fine as every other DOS game I've thrown into the machine.
The talking builders complete without errors (image with both games's files + crc32) and I get games that work on DOSBOX and on my 486DX2 pc. But on the p1 I get severe SB problems and freezes.
I tried disabling both L1+L2 caches (so I get a pc that is slower than a 386DX) , tried leaving ~14MB of free ram under the first 16MB and even tried putting on the pentium the 8bit sound blaster that my 486 has.
I still can't make them work, roland music works fantastically but the sb part suffers.

* If I use roland+sb , music is fine but at some point during speech the game will freeze. Color cycling of the cursor will still continue , music will continue but controls/keyboard are frozen. A reset is needed.

* If I use sb-only then the game just make some horrible "music" coming from the FM chip and strangely enough speech is OK. A reset won't help here , the game/pc works but until you do a power-cycle you can't get rid of the sb's sounds.

I made a video of this behavior (showing MI1 , MI2 has the same behavior):

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YouTube Video

Is there a chance of squashing this bug? I must stress that the pc has no irq/dma/hardware problems, I have ~100 games installed (my whole originals collection -> gallery link) and never had this problem, only speed related ones on older titles that get solved with slowdown utilities.
I'll be more than happy to provide more info/testing if the creators decide it's worth checking, thanks in advance!

edit: made further tests, if I disable only L1 cache then the sb driver works. Still I get the freezing. I also put the sound buffers to 64 , I could delay the freezing but eventually I got it again.

edit2: made more tests, run the game with KGB in the background keeping a log on activity, nothing important and the game just access monkey.001 as usual when the freeze happens
I also substituted the games directory to S: so I run the game from "fake" S: in case there was a problem and the game did not like the c:\games\mi1se path... made no difference too...
Last thing I did was run the game with GM music, still no difference

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