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Sidious is without a doubt the strongest Sith Lord to ever exist. Not only are there countless references to this being true in all the Novels and fact books but George Lucas himself said Sidious was the strongest ever. When anyone else says another Sith is the strongest that is just pure fanboy fiction.

The Sith got stronger through the generations the apprentice always became stronger than the master so in fact Sidious would be WAY stronger than Bane. Sidious was the greatest Sith and all those after him paled in contrast. He was extremely intelligent and even more so powerful. What is truly the crowning jewel is that Sidious became even stronger after his duel with Yoda eventually doubling in power by the time of Dark Empire and equal to Prime Luke.

His feats are unmatched. His intelligence is unrivalled. Any who say Sidious isn't the strongest is just being a fanboy and one who cannot admit it when countless cannon articles say otherwise. More Canon approved Novels, Comics, games and fact books claim Sidious is the strongest Sith compared to any other Sith you can name.

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