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The mods I'm using are listed below. Let me know if you'd like me to track down original links.

Alternate Female DS Romance Ending by JdNoa
Animated Galaxy Map textures version 2.0 by Sith Holocron
Carth’s Republic Uniform Plus by Shem
Character Start Up Changes by jonathan7
EZswoop by Darth333
Improved Female Jedi Robe Model for Kotor 1 by Darth Jaden
Gaffi Stick Improvement by Fallen Guardian
Helena - Bastila's Mother Changes by Shem
Hide The Weapons! by Ancharos/Facistinabag
Invisible Headgear for K1 by Shem
New Juhani Clothes Variants by Darth Jaden
Knights of the Old Republic Juhani MOD by miro42
"Vibrosword replacement pack" for SW: Knights of the Old Republic by DeadMan
Playable Echani x6 for K1 by RedRob41
Species specific feats for K1 by RedRob41
Twi'leks as PC by Ferc Kast
Carth Romance Fix
Movie Style Dark Side Transitions by Shem
KOTOR New Jedi Robes Mod by Prime
KOTOR R2-D2 Mod by Prime
Knights of the Old Republic Mara Jade MOD by miro42
Modern Jedi Robes Pack (1.0) by Nequam and T7nowhere
New Female Player Character (0.8) by Nequam
New BIK movie by zbyl2
New Female Head 3.0 with White Lightsaber by Darth Jaden
New Female PFHA01 Head by Darth Jaden
Sunry Murder Recording Enhancement Demo
Soldier Clothes Reskin by Canderis
GloomWalker's RobePack by TwinkeyRunaway
Ultimate Sound Mod for both KOTOR & TSL by Shem
Weapons of the Old Republic
Movement Animation Fix for both KOTOR and TSL by ZimmMaster

I know, it's a lot of mods lol. Most are robe variations and new heads for character creation. Other than these mods, I've installed and uninstalled 90SKs K1 robe mods, and I'm currently using a homemade reskin of Asian female head 4.

I've been very careful to avoid conflicts, and haven't had any so far (with the exception of a male Echani mercenary on Manaan appearing as a blue female Twilek with a very deep voice...).

Thank you so much for your help.
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