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Post xp-patch and remembering did the job for me


Since I spend a long time investigating in this issue, I whanted to share my "solution":
-for the white/black-error install the xp-patch as linked by StarWarsGooN
-for the boost you not only have to press boostkey at green light, but to press "nose down"key at green light, wait for yellow light and then press boostkey

Because I did not remember the boost-"trick" I tried everything:
-sveral patches
-in vm-ware-machine on linux and windows host witch win-xp, win98, win95 as guest
-same with virtualbox (doesn't work because 3d isn't fully the same than physical card)
-several tries to map boostkey differently

for a short time i thougt of installing win98 on a real pc... in 2013
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