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Aya tugged at Bob's halter and the shaggy pony, loaded up with all manner of wares ranging from a luxurious mink fur stole to the most humble of basic farming implements and everything in between, started to plod forward.

"C'mon, Bob, that's a good boy," Aya coaxed the beast along. "We don't want to be bringing up the rear. Remember what Father used to say: no predator, whether man nor beast, ever attacks the middle of a herd. Besides that," she added, "I don't want to be eating dirt and dust the whole way to Ryuu-Tokai."

Bob snorted noisily in apparent agreement.

As they joined up with the main procession in the center, Aya spotted the lone, young, handsome swordsman she had spotted in the tavern. As he looked to her very capable of taking care of himself, she figured that being in his general proximity made good sense, and she guided herself and Bob closer to him as they walked.

Aya studied Kyo for a while before actually speaking to him. He didn't look particularly mean-spirited or cruel, but he did display the poise of a strong warrior and the sword he carried could probably cleave her in half. But there was something about his demeanor that made her ignore any possible danger.

"So... how far are you travellin', my lord?" she asked him casually when she was in earshot. Maybe she shouldn't have used 'lord', but he looked too young to be 'Sir' or a 'Mister' and he was definitely not a 'boy' or a 'lad'. Plus, her father always said it was better to err on the side of caution than to spit in the wind. Or something like that.

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