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Originally Posted by battle111 View Post
Hey guys !! l just got back from one short trip and l already started a poll and that's true Darth Nihilus is powerful
Well it's about damn time! Naw I kid, Battle111; and thanks for adding Darth Nihilus and creating the poll.

Originally Posted by duster View Post
I agree with purifier.Darth Nihilus is powerful too...and yeah.You may wanna make this into a poll.
Kreia said that Revan is like staring at the heart of The Force but i doubt that he can do what Nihilus can.However she also mentioned that Nihilus's power is not something that can be learned,but something that he does by instinct.As for Palpatine...well...he doesn't look so strong in the movies(if we are judging him by them).He is more like a dark shadowy and wise but not so powerful character.With one word like Kreia.

You know the thing about Palpatine is, that he always seem more like a master manipulator staying behind the scenes than a regular Sith Lord who goes all out and participates in battles. While he did have force powers and could fight, it just seemed like to me, he got everybody else who was more combative to do most of the dirty work for him.

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