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So, when you guys say 110% accuracy do you mean 100% and it winds up being 110% with your bonuses? Or is it 110% and 110%+ with the bonuses? Just curious cause I have almost 100% on my RDPS and a little over 100% on my Sent.

Another I forgot about earlier, the Gunnery commando guide says (done by Jogelav sp?) say 110% accuracy and 600 surge. Not sure how I am susposed to do this. Is this with highest rated gear? I have close to 100 maybe 99.89% or something acc but only 300 surge. No crit rest power like 952 power I think. My ear and implants have accuracy and power and then I used accuracy enhancements to get that high but there doesn't seem to be enough to get surge that high. Just wondering

Also just a gripe why can't you sell the Makeb rep items for credits but you can all the other rep items for Section X, Voss and others for credits?

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