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Originally Posted by Eefluxx View Post
So, when you guys say 110% accuracy do you mean 100% and it winds up being 110% with your bonuses? Or is it 110% and 110%+ with the bonuses? Just curious cause I have almost 100% on my RDPS and a little over 100% on my Sent.

Another I forgot about earlier, the Gunnery commando guide says (done by Jogelav sp?) say 110% accuracy and 600 surge. Not sure how I am susposed to do this. Is this with highest rated gear? I have close to 100 maybe 99.89% or something acc but only 300 surge. No crit rest power like 952 power I think. My ear and implants have accuracy and power and then I used accuracy enhancements to get that high but there doesn't seem to be enough to get surge that high. Just wondering

Also just a gripe why can't you sell the Makeb rep items for credits but you can all the other rep items for Section X, Voss and others for credits?
1. There are 2 types of Accuracy, Melee/Ranged and Force/Tech, the base accuracy for Melee/Ranged attacks is 90% and the base accuracy for Force/Tech is 100%. Certain attacks fall under each category, for example in terms of a Commando, Full Auto is a Ranged Attack, and Demolition Round is a Tech attack. Generally speaking most DPS classes will be able to use talent points in a skill tree to get +3% accuracy, you will get +1% accuracy from having max affection with your rDPS companion (I think), so what you are trying to obtain with your gear is +6% accuracy. That will bring your total to +10% accuracy from talents/gear, add that to you base accuracy of 90% and 100% and that is where you are seeing the goals of being 100% and 110%.

2. I don't think Jolg's Commando guide is up-to-date/usable right now, I don't think it was changed with patch 2.0. In the patch in addition to the level cap being increased to 55, the stat weight formulae for the secondary stats were adjusted to account for the greater number of available stat points in upcoming gear tiers. So basically where before maybe you could get to 100% accuracy and then have 600 points left to stick into Surge, that's not the case anymore as now it takes more points to reach 100% in accuracy leaving less points available for Surge. To be honest I'm not sure where he pulled the number 600 from anyway as I don't think that was true prior to patch 2.0 regardless. In reality how much Surge you have doesn't matter, your goal should be to get to 100% accuracy and then all from that point on just begin to stack Surge.

3. I don't know why Makeb rep tokens aren't sellable, they're eating up my inventory space!

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