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yeh the Makeb stuff is eating up my inventory as well

I think in his guide he did mention the 2.0 curve in DR stats. Also mentions using crit but that he has heard 2 ways of since the 2.0 of some crit and then power and no crit and all power. Also mentioned he would check into this, which I am not too worried about, my commando has all power and does pretty good damage. Was mainly wondering about the acc and surge part.

So when I hit C on my keyboard and my character screen comes up under Acc I want it to say 100% without hovering my mouse over it to see the bonus acc no matter what, and if I have full affection with my comp and anything higher is basically better? But shouldn't worry about putting points into it if it is over 110?

If I am reading this correctly.

Also, finally finished 2 lvl 55 HMFP's as a healer on my Sorc. Discovered my Alacrity of all things isn't where it needs to be. But we did Hammerstation and Mando Raiders. Hammer was the first one and the tank died on the first boss because my purge couldn't cooldown fast enough basically. But I did get him back up quickly and we didn't wipe. The tank we had was great as I hardly had to even touch the 2 dps with us with heals at all.

Mando Raiders we got to the first boss again with the dogs and it was kinda all over the place. The dps did a good job of keeping the dogs away from me for the most part so I wasn't getting knocked around this time. Once again benefited from a great tank who knew how to keep agro from the dps so I only had to heal him.

Only times we wiped were on the bonus boss on both FP's which none of us had ever done before. Took us a couple of tries before we finally got a rythem with both of them.

Did try Athiss as well but the big dog kept getting us. Both Dps wasn't taking care of the adds. Hard for only one of them while the other kept trying to kill the boss. Tank left shortly thereafter as did the other dps.

Feel Free To Disagree.....Most People Do Anyways

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