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Originally Posted by Eefluxx View Post
So when I hit C on my keyboard and my character screen comes up under Acc I want it to say 100% without hovering my mouse over it to see the bonus acc no matter what, and if I have full affection with my comp and anything higher is basically better? But shouldn't worry about putting points into it if it is over 110?

If I am reading this correctly.

Also, finally finished 2 lvl 55 HMFP's as a healer on my Sorc. Discovered my Alacrity of all things isn't where it needs to be. But we did Hammerstation and Mando Raiders. Hammer was the first one and the tank died on the first boss because my purge couldn't cooldown fast enough basically. But I did get him back up quickly and we didn't wipe. The tank we had was great as I hardly had to even touch the 2 dps with us with heals at all..
Well it doesn't really matter how updated his guide is, it's pretty minimal as is and he hasn't even touched his Commando since leveling it. The point is get accuracy to 100/110, then go Surge. So there is no confusion ever again and so I don't have to answer this ever again :P I made a picture. Also as an FYI to reach that 100/110 on my Gunslinger takes ~400 points in Accuracy, leaving ~300 left to spend on Surge or Alacrity, Alacrity being useless, so again I have no idea where this 600 points in Surge comes from.

Which takes me to my next point, the tank dying because you couldn't Purge fast enough in Hammer Station is not the fault of Alacrity. In fact Alacrity doesn't even affect the cooldown of abilities (unless they have no cooldown because Alacrity affects the GCD). You're mis-timing your Purge, you should only have to purge twice, at 5 stacks of that mining laser debuff each time and you should be healing in-between.

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