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"I don't have a plan for fighting him, but we should be able to kill him with a headshot. I think, since it worked with the guy back on Balmorra. However, any major injury should slow him down. We need to injure him, and take advantage of that to deal a blow that puts him down for good."

Light's mind was racing, and he was thinking while he was speaking. The outcome of this fight could go many different ways. Light was thinking of defensive strategies to attempt to keep the group alive, and this Sith guy was buying them time.

"You and Vlalkor should probably try to go for precision shots, and attempt to avoid letting the bolts get deflected. If you can, get somewhere a little higher and wait for an opportunity. Fill Vlalkor in, and take up a position. Then you two should wait for Voleran to get preoccupied with fighting us, line up a shot, and take cover once you fire. I'm sure he'll agree."

Light turned to Zarev, and tried to get him to move. He needed to know if Zarev was going to be able to defend himself.
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