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"Sorry pal, but I've got dibs on that already. Looks like you'll have to fight me too, but don't be scared in fact you should be honored to fight someone like me."

The posessed Voleran quickly turned around and gripped the sith with the force and slammed him face first against a piece of debris. "You should not have interfered in this, sith. You think yourself strong...but compared to me you are but a child."

The former Jedi Master than raised a larger piece of debris from the ground and slammed it against the center of his chest.

"You will die." He said as he dropped the sith and focused back on Per'dra. What he had done to Velox had taken about half a minute. He extended his hand forward and unleashed a massive stream of lightning at Per'dra. The heat from the lightning was so powerful that the skin on his hand began to burn.

"Are you okay? Can you fight?"

Zarev's body stopped spasming after a moment and he turned to look up at Light."Nice to see you to." He muttered as he looked around for his lightsaber. "Yes...I can still fight. Find out where my lightsaber landed and I'll be glad to get back in the fight."
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