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Varik was shocked. Zarev was alive! And they were all getting knocked around by Voleran. He looked over to Light, who had given him a raised eyebrow. Varik simply shrugged as he saw Voleran throw debris at the Sith. As he focused his attention on Per'dra, he walked over to where the Sith was, moving debris out of the way.

"Looks like you need a little help there.", he said, extending his hand. "Come, we are both warriors. This enemy is too powerful for us to hold animosity because of creed."

He then turned to look at Voleran. His eyes were a sickening onyx black, and it unsettled him for just a moment.

"Very flashy, I'm not impressed.", he ignited his lightsabers. "I wonder if you can even use a lightsaber?", he spat. "Or are you too much of a coward to rely on nothing other than Force powers?"

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