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Every now and then in a fight, Velox would get injured. It was to be expected when fighting a powerful foe, and shouldn't slow a warrior down. Getting hit with large rocks wasn't exactly something one got up from without some degree of pain. Velox could feel it in his chest the second the jedi let him go. He'd still be able to fight, but there was a very strong chance that he'd have to get his ribs looked at. Of course one of these jedi would be more than glad to heal him when the fight was over...he chuckled at the thought, knowing that wasn't going to happen.

For some reason it felt a little nice to lie on the ground as he did. Maybe that's because his facemask had fallen off...Velox looked around, quickly clinging onto it once he found it. He suddenly found it was much easier to breath, taking note of the lack of weight on his body now. Only briefly did he look to see Varik standing over him. For a few seconds Varik would have caught a cybernetic eye staring at him before being covered by his facemask. Now the visor glowed red as he got to his feet on his own.

He simply gave Varik a nod to indicate his agreement in this little scuffle. A smirk was hidden on his face as he knew this fight was going to be a good one. He was beginning to like this jedi as he spoke about how Voleran was fighting with force powers over lightsaber combat. Once they could get Voleran to do that, it would be game over for him. He glanced to the rocks behind him, then towards Voleran. His left hand reached out to lift them up with the force.

"Or we make him, jedi" Velox said to Varik. With that he threw the rocks at Voleran while running towards him. He flipped over Voleran and swung horizontally at him. If Varik caught on to what he was doing, then he left the other side for him open. Then the two of them could attack from either side.
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