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"Sorry, it's not the time to exchange pleasantries. I wasn't tracking your saber. Get up."

Zarev gratefully took the offered hand the saber as he got to his feet and ignited the saber even as he looked around his more familiar green double bladed lightsaber. He could only watch as Voleran easily dodged the rocks the sith had thrown at him and force jumped up and backwards away from the group for a moment.

Zarev narrowed his eyes. Voleran, or what was currently taking control of Voleran's body could not be allowed to regain his strength. Whatever the cost.

"Avriela! Keep an eye on Per'dra and the others!" He shouted as he began to run and finally located his own lightsaber next to a pile of debris. He force jumped up into the air with Light's saber in his hand as he used the force to summor his own lightsaber into his hand. Voleran unleashed a stream of lightning at him that was less powerful than what he had hit Per'dra with. Zarev was able to catch it on Light's Lightsaber as he rapidly closed the gap between them.

"It ends now!" He shouted as the force of the jump brought the lightsaber into contact with the hand Voleran was fighting. A rapidly flickering purple light was seen as the lightsaber pressed against his hand and the light grew brighter and brighter.

Is this it? Am I really going to die? Zarev thought as the light enveloped both Voleran and himself. He heard no answer as the light seemed to flicker one last time and a moment later an explosion of force energy sent him flying backward and he slammed into a wall behind him, he slid to the ground.

Voleran wasn't so lucky.

Voleran roared in anger as he was sent flying backward as the force powered explosion rendered all of the force abilities he was trying to use to slow himself down useless. He continued yelling out in anger even as a sharp piece of debris finally was slammed directly through his stomach as he finally came to a stop on a pile of debris.

"It...It will not end like this!" The voice of Voleran was still not quite right. "This galaxy will be mine! You cannot stop me!" His shouting began to get quieter and quieter as the blood left his body until finally he was silent for the last time.

A dark shadow seemed to leave his body and lingered for a brief moment before shooting towards the sky.
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