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Velox snarled slightly as Voleran jumped back from his swing. The rocks were never intended to hurt Voleran, but to simply let Velox get closer to the former jedi. He was starting to get very annoyed with the way Voleran was fighting. He was one who used his powers over his lightsaber, which was never any real fun for the sith. He got ready to attack Voleran once more, with the intentions on ending this fight. He was already growing tired with Voleran's fighting tactics. He twirled his saber for a moment, getting ready to join one of the jedi in combat...

Thank? Thank you? Velox looked around for a moment as Per'dra spoke those words. She couldn't possibly be talking to him, could she? He had been the next one to attack Voleran after he attacked Per'dra. It seemed he had actually helped her as well. This made him feel a little uncomfortable, as thanks was rarely something he was given. On top of that was the subject of teamwork. He didn't do much of that either, so his cooperation skills were poor. He was obviously taken by surprise by the thanks, and as a result almost missed the rest of the fight. As if things weren't odd enough for Velox, he watched as the mysterious shadow seemed to fly into the air, leaving Voleran's body forever. So he hadn't gotten to Voleran, nor had he killed Avriela. Now he was with about four jedi, and his ribs were still hurting from Voleran's attack.

"So...go team?" Velox asked, turning to Avriela. He chuckled before dropping to one knee, his ribs still hurting him. He was not in a good position right now.
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