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"Well, that was interesting... I guess we are going to need some medical services for these three."

Light still held his other single-bladed saber, and walked over to the Sith. He looked to the others, shrugged, and picked him up by the elbow, forcing him to stand. "Do you need to be carried?"

Anticipating concerned looks from the others, especially the absent Corsail, he said to the others:
"We need to get Zarev and Per'dra out of here, and it's not like we can leave this guy behind, there's no telling what the 'ghouls will do next. Two of you should collect them."

Light looked around and didn't see Vlalkor, whom he had assumed would be taking the lead here and now. "So, where do we go now? Republic HQ, the ship, or somewhere I don't know about?"
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