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Kyo looked as though he needed a moment to catch up with all that had been said. He wasn't accustomed to this fast-talking, light-hearted smalltalk...and the ease with which the girl began it had him slightly on his guard. Was she really as innocent as those few moments made her seem? Or was she up to something?

And still there was the presence of lord.

"The pleasure is mine," he said, glancing at the pony again. Wonderpony? Perhaps it was a wonder that the animal was able to move as easily with that load as it was able...but otherwise he seemed fairly normal to the warrior. "They call me Kyo. Just Kyo," he emphasized as he returned his eyes to the woman. "I'm no lord."

Perhaps she had an ulterior motive and perhaps she didn't; one way or the other, Kyo suspected from the way she spoke of the festival that this was not her first time attending...which meant she already knew more about the city than he did. "Have you been to Ryuu-Tokai before, then?"

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