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As if all these little adjustments weren't strange enough to Velox, Avriela added more confusion to the pile. Now she didn't want to see him hurt? Hadn't they just had a small duel a short while ago? Hadn't he told her he had to kill her? Now he had said it wasn't anything personal, and wouldn't have enjoyed fighting her unless the fight would have turned out to be good. Still to speak that way about a would have been attacker was...very strange. The next comment directed at him was both practical, yet also strange.

Velox turned his head towards Per'dra, watching the jedi look to him. He would have rolled his eyes...err eye, but he didn't really see the point in doing so. Hadn't she thanked him a little bit ago? Perhaps it had been directed at someone else. As far as he recalled the fight though, he had been the next one in combat after recovering and stopped Voleran from hitting her with lightning. At least she was taking a bit more of an expected approach, especially after he had attacked her too. Besides, he had already been hurt enough in his life time. This pain, while not pleasant wasn't too fatal.

"A chat?" Velox asked, snapping out of some minor daydreams. "What about exactly?" he added as he started to walk...well tried.
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