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Not a lord? Aya felt a small flush rise to her face when the handsome warrior had corrected her use of her honorific title for him, but it soon dissipated when he didn't brush her off and continued the conversation. If he was he really interested in Ryuu-Tokai, she would certainly tell him what she knew about it. Even travelling with a caravan, the road there could be lonely, and this time, she didn't have her father for company.

"Oh, sure, lot's of times, my L-- Kyo," she said, trying to sound nonchalant and more experienced than she was. "I know the town like the back of my hand." But no sooner had she said the words, her pony Bob let out a loud snort and shook his shaggy neck. She cast him an askance glance. "Well, maybe not quite as well as that, but...."

Another snort from Bob, this time accompanied by a soft whicker.

"I've been there five times with my father," she admitted to Kyo. She didn't want to tell him that this was the first time she'd been there on her own, and she certainly didn't want any of the other merchants to know either lest they be tempted to try to take advantage of her. "It's quite a big place. Lots of people, but even more will come for the festival. There will be a few camps set up just outside the city gates. That's normally what the caravan leaders decide though--where to set up. Although, my father and I usually stayed at an inn inside the city itself." She grinned reminiscently, then cast her eyes downwards. "He made friends just about everywhere he went."

When she looked up at him again, her soft brown eyes had just a hint of moisture to them. "So is that why you're going to Ryuu-Tokai? For the Market Festival?"

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