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((It's fine. I'm just glad your here with us again.))

"Oh so much anger. I wonder why you should be protecting the Jedi since that is your calling Shinigami?" He twirled his lightsaber. "Feel free to attack when you want. The one I have business with has just arrived."

Xandros reignited his lightsaber and held it with both hands as he tried to get his anger under control.

"I protect Jedi Alriana because it is my duty. It is a duty that I always take seriously." He growled. "She may have made a choice that I disapprove of but that doesn't mean that I won't let her be harmed." He began to circle the sith slowly looking for an opening.

"I think it is out of our hands. He has no need for the child. He wants someone close to my father... He wants Tavaryn."

"Then it's a good thing that Tavaryn arrived." She said quietly. "Once he arrives I think we'll have a good chance of taking Tyrannus down once and for all. But for now we need to try and keep Xandros calm. Otherwise I think he's going to attack Tyrannus and that will put the child in extreme danger."

Explanations for later moi chroi. Right now, don't do anything rash... He is after me.

I understand...but Xandros is losing control here. When heard about the pregnancy I could sense his anger. Right now I think he's about to go after Tyrannus.
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