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I understand...but Xandros is losing control here. When heard about the pregnancy I could sense his anger. Right now I think he's about to go after Tyrannus.

Tavaryn paused a moment. He was close and he didn't need to be a Force User to sense the darkness and anger that was permeating the area. The last time he felt that much hate and anger... It was when he was just a boy. He sent, Keep him calm. He does not know this one like my family and the Jedi who know him.

He started running. His boots clanged. "Tara you better be ready when I say so."


I protect Jedi Alriana because it is my duty. It is a duty that I always take seriously. She may have made a choice that I disapprove of but that doesn't mean that I won't let her be harmed.

Tyrannus laughed as he circled the Shinigami. He decided to have a little fun, "Are you certain it is protection you are doing? This anger... I have seen it many times before and there is a word for it."

He looked at the pair of Jedi and held a firm grip on the girl's shoulder, "Now I knwo you wouldn't want tempers flaring now do you?"

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