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I will protect her for as long as I live. And you claim to have seen this anger so many times before...indulge me. Tell me what it is.

Tyrannus knew a game when he saw one and this one was losing to it rapidly. "Oh you would know it as the green eyed monster though a Hutt would more accurately describe it." He continued to circle Xandros, holding his lightsaber unlit in his hands.

Jun-la in the meantime watched the exchange between Xandros and Alriana and noted the saddened expression. So much feeling was in that one gaze.She looked at the child and locked eyes with her, Little one. Do you know how to play keep away?


Tavaryn ran through the corridors and let out a breath of air. The suit wasn't heavy at all since he was long used to it but his anxiety level was a little high. He rounded a corner and heard voices. He was there.

Whispering he said, "Tara, are you in?"

Almost. Three minutes.

Tavaryn rolled his eyes slightly. Well he could go in. He radioed the Ebon Hawk, "Alpha Leader to Ebon Hawk."


Tavaryn relayed instructions to Andros. He peered around the corner and noticed the grip on the girl. He had an idea but he knew his powers were a bit unstable since he wasn't a Jedi technically. "Force be with me."

Rounding the corner, he let out a push with the Force and Tyrannus went flying. He almost took the girl but Tavaryn held onto her. He looked at her and moved her towards Alriana and stepped forward. He looked at Tyrannus, "There is one thing I dislike and that is someone who has so much hatred for one person that they have to take it out on others."

Tyrannus righted himself and grinned, "Oh but how many times have you fallen for that trick?" He looked at Xandros, "Tell me something Shinigami, is it wrong for your brotherhood to mingle with the Jedi?"

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