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The child whimpered in fear as Tyrannus continued to hold her as a human shield. But the fear quickly vanished as Tyrannus was sent flying backwards with a force push. She fully expected him to continue holding onto her but the man who had hit tyrannus with the force push managed to keep her away.

Little one. Do you know how to play keep away?

The cathar child looked up at Jun-la as Tavaryn moved her towards Alriana. She quickly nodded her head as she watched wide eyed as Tavaryn and Tyrannus watched each other.

"Oh you would know it as the green eyed monster though a Hutt would more accurately describe it."

Xandros was about to charge Tyrannus and was prepared to hit him with everything he had when Tavaryn charged into the room. He watched the other Shinigami with narrowed eyes as he force pushed Tyrannus back.

"Tell me something Shinigami, is it wrong for your brotherhood to mingle with the Jedi?"

Hes trying to turn you against Tavaryn and the others. Don't play his game. You can yell at Tavaryn later. he thought.

"I'm not going to play your game." He said quietly as he looked over at Tavaryn again. "We can talk later. And rest assured, we will be talking later. But now is the time to kill this sith."
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