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Enroute to the Shan

Vlalkor was trying his best to avoid the Rakghouls but for some reason, a few of them seemed to be immune to whatever had affected their minds.

"Corsail!" He shouted over his shoulder at the other man who was hopefully right behind him. "Look sharp. Small group of Rakghouls coming in from the left!" He shouted as he grabbed his rifle and began blasting at the rakghouls as they ran at the two of them.

"We're close to the Shan now. If we can get past this last group we should be able to reach the ship!" He called as the Shan came into view. It looks as if the Rakghouls had left the ship alone for the most part which had surprised him.

Looks like our luck is finally turning around. he thought.

"What about exactly?"

"You'll find out when we reach the ship." She replied as she kept an eye out for Rakghouls. It was a long shot...but was it possible she could turn her attacker away from the darkside? Was it possible that she could find out who he had once been? She knew he hadn't always been sith. Maybe there was still something of who he had once been underneath all that armor.
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