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Hello all,
i am returning yet again, will try to get to Level 50 or 55 this time, life and health took me away sorry for the absence. I am updating my install and have renewed my subscirption.
here is my info as i recall it, a bit foggy but i think i am at Level 42 now.

I was pretty bad at combat before so i spend some time in two other MMPRGs to try to learn some better skills, and I think i have a bit of a better grasp of things. Hope so. Thanks for all the help from generous people, esp Mim! in the past.

Applying again for Walking Carpets
Character 1: Caern
Class: Jedi Knight Guardian Light Side
Role: DPS
Skillks: Diplomacy, Archaeology, Treasure Hunting
Level: 42

do i need to re apply ..and at the other site too? not sure if i still have the linkey i will look. hope everyone who is still here from before is doing ok.

may try the Hutt Cartel once i get my feet under me.

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