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Jun-la saw the nod from the Cathar child. She looked at Alriana and gave a slight nod. She motioned for the child to come. Stay behind us and if something should happen, you run to our ship.

We can talk later. And rest assured, we will be talking later. But now is the time to kill this sith.

Tavaryn glanced at Xandros and while his own expressions couldn't be seen because of the helmet, he could see that the younger one was a little peeved and that was putting it mildly. He gave a slight nod and turned towards Tyrannus. "For ages you and your family have hunted mine."

Tyrannus gave a shrug, "And you know why. Let's just say that I don't like you because of your lineage. Going all the the way back to the Heart of the Guardian."

"Yeah I know this part. The Blood King is the sworn enemy and his line had been banished from Avalon and hence swore a blood feud. Hence you hunting my family." Tavaryn sounded bored and it was easy to think that but he was tense and alert and ready to spring.

"You know your history," Tyrannus replied, "Very good. Funny thing is I am surprised your brother Shinigami doesn't know the story as well. Most would have grown up with that since your mother, the direct descendant was a part of their number. She was good at hiding even when you were born." He looked at Xandros, "Don't tell me you've never heard the tale?"

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