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I am new to this modding kotor stuff, just started trying today. There are literally only a handful of resources as far as tutorials go, they walk you through the basics of .2da editing, extracting files with kotor tool, etc. But there are a ton of things not shown or are buried in the 600,000+ posts, so it is like digging a needle out of a hay stack. I have experience modding Xbox 360 games and profiles, re-flashing devices to do stuff they were not intended to do, a degree in graphic design, motion capture, rigging animation skeletons, creating sound samples, voice dialog, even hardware modding, and after about a week of attempting to create new content I am already frustrated to the point I feel it is simply pointless to continue trying.
I see no tuts on key elements of character creation, such as re-skinning the body model underwear in order to match skin tones without overriding all of them, yet I know it can be done and I am afraid that it takes more than adding "01" to the end of the texture name. Yet there are 3 tuts on how to edit the 2da to make the reskinned head work and no one bothered to ever continue this in ten years?
Second, when you directly ask people for help here they tend to just ignore you, and the other sites on the web such as deadlystream (which I am also a member of have ALL THE SAME MEMBERS!) so that isn't help either, and even with the tuts most of the links for the tools to do these things with are dead, or point to storage sites that no longer exsist!
Lastly being a member of the Modio XBOX mod project, I have over 200 mods posted that were made for games that are cross platform such as mass effect series, fallout 3, new vegas, Dragon Age, Skyrim, and TES4: Oblivion, and from day one people were helpful. Now I know that most of you have been members of this forum for more than 4 years, so you have the skills and knowledge to share, yet most of you choose to click up, ignore peoples requests and don't bother to keep this supposed "community" educated, welcoming or even fun. I urge you to do what you can to help the newbies fledge there skills... Moderators please remove this account, I give up due to the lack of respect this alleged "community" has for new members with less knowledge of the tools than they do, and do to moderation that doesn't take the time to post the tutorials to teach new people how to create the things to keep such a great game alive. It is a utter shame that no one attempts to help, to teach or to generally try around here.
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