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*Clears throat*

Ahem, if I may Darth Reptinus;

You do bring up a few valid points, that I will admit. So I will try to tackle them as I see them although you didn't organize your post very will which just shows your lack of forum decorum.

1.In regards to the posts and it being hard to find what you are looking for there is multiple different ways without even going past the first page. Some of these solutions include but are not limited too;
1a. There is a built in search so you may find the awnser you require
1b. Go to google and type in "Your topic here"(no parenthesis)-this is how I get most of my awnsers.
1c. Make a new thread there is LOTS of modders willing to help.

2. Underwear to match skin tones is a very specific request and I am not supprissed they're is no tutorial there. You have no valid point there.

3. The three tutorials to make the heads work all cover different parts that can be used for more than just to get heads to work. And even if they were all just for heads then oh well that's what it takes. No one is forcing you to create mods.

4. Links that are dead is something I experience even with some of the new games I mod. Simply use WayBackMachine to find a link to it. If I had tutorial privileges I would update them but unfortunately no one gets paid to take care of stuff like that.

5. As far as members not awnsering you that can be found at any forum. I find it best to message modders that have been around long enough to know what they're doing but also don't have something such as a total conversion on their plate.
Some good people I have found to message are: (I will remove your name if you would like)
1.Fallen Gaurdian
2.Fair strides 2 an excellent scripter
3.(Supprissingly with RoR and all) Logan23
4.Supreme Kotor (even if I don't know what I'm talking about )
5.Varsity Puppet
8.Darth Sapians
9.Quanon somehow seems to know everything about area models.
10.Hasset Hunter somehow knows everything about TSL.
11.Sith Specter 1. He's a moderator 2. He's a very good reskiner 3. Revans flowing capes. Need I say more? 4. And area models.
12.there are plenty of others I just want this all to fit on one post so sorry if I've left you out.

There are also those who shouldn't be messaged they all have their reasons but I will not list each individual reason. (Again I can add/remove anyone from this list)[Sorry if I offend you]
2.Fred Tetra
9.I am very sorry If I have offended any of you and I know there is more but that's all I can think of right now .

6. I am also part of Modio so I do know that community is a little different but they also outnumber us greatly and have far better tools than we do. You cannot compare the worlds nicest car to the worlds nicest bike and expect the bike to win.

Overall I am sorry you did not enjoy your kotor modding experience but we can't help unless you allow us to.

-Supreme Kotor

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