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*Heartfelt sigh...*

You remind me of a few people that want the result but don't care about the work involved.

Let's put it this way: You want to fully design a 250-foot tall, 15000 poly building. You can't just expect to type that into a program and have an automatically-generated result, can you?

I learned the hard way, but not because of the community. I'm not the best modder, if you judge by the number of mods I release, but I count myself pretty knowledgable about a lot of areas of modding these games.

I learned by downloading the tools, reading their read-me files, and then experimenting. It took me 5 hours of dialogue-editing and scripting to find out that you can't make someone dance in TSL the easy way. I then had to make an armband to do it. Sometimes you have to have patience. As was already said, none of these tools come with a warranty, there's no support section of the website dedicated to faqs, and I definitely don't recall seeing a 24-hour paid team of help representatives waiting by the phones...

I took six months to learn scripting, and now there's almost nothing I can't do with it. I learned about editing the gff-type files by trial and error, and taking the tutorials as building blocks, the starting line and built upon that knowledge by my experimenting and paying attention to what I did.

I'd gladly like to download everything modding-related onto a video and release it, but I'm always wondering if it isn't blindingly obvious to everyone else. I didn't just jet out of there and leave when I got ignored. You know what most people told me when I asked how one could get started modding?

They suggested that I experiment and test out any theory that popped into my head. Varsity Puppet(hope you don't mind my quoting you) said something along these lines:

"Yeah, I know we tend to be a bit hard on newbies. We don't have many tutorials and a lot of us veterans kinda expect them to learn on their own, like we had to..." - VP, around March of 2012.

Nobody is trying to leave you stranded, we're just hoping you'll experiment before you ask for help and will be patient. As it stands, my mods are at deadlystream and are a motley sort at that, and I have only ever modded these games, and I enjoy it. Maybe one day I'll experiment with Elder Scrolls or something else, but I'll be around here for a while if anyone needs my help.

All of my mods are available on Deadlystream.

Always remember modders: "Quality= Effort*Time"

KSE 3.3.7 is LIVE!!! Check it out here.
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