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I"ve never heard the story and truth be told, I don't want to hear it from you. You'd twist it to your own ends.

Tyrannus was laughing at Xandros. It was a deep throated chuckle that sounded menacing. He had noticed the child hiding behind the women. No matter though. He replied, "Oh it isn't that much different but then again many truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view. Isn't that right... sangtehut?"

It had been years since Tavaryn heard that particular insult and it never failed to get a rise out of him. It was the ultimate insult to his mother's people. His fists flexed and released, indicating that he was trying to hold his temper. Plus that quote from his father... "I'd advise you not call me that."

"Ooo the Shinigami turned Republic dog is upset," Tyrannus mocked. He was laughing still at the whole thing. "And what about? Couldn't be that I was able to accurately quote Daddy now would it?"

It was tempting to launch an attack right now. Yet Tavaryn knew that attacking in anger was the sure way to get you killed. It couldn't be helped at times and often the heat of the moment led to unpredictable results. He glanced at Alriana. First was to get her out. Do not do anything rash moi chroi.

Swallowing, Tavaryn said, "Perhaps but it seems you are more interested in fighting. You have what you wanted... me. Let the others go and we can have all the fun you want."

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