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The "I just started today" was refering to the act of actually experimenting instead of digging through 2da files left and right trying to see how they did it. I was tired frustrated and angry, not only with the community, but with myself for not being able to understand what was happening inside those files. I have been trying for a week to make the mod I created be as good as some of the other added character pcs.
I am sorry, I was tired and frustrated. I wont be around alot anymore, I will try as all of you did to learn on my own. I came from a Xbox modding background that has ALOT of active emembers, community created as well as developer created tools to use, video tuts on everything, I even learned to use blender because of that. Not to mention the fact that about half of my income comes from content I have created for LL's second life, which requires both texturing and modeling capabilities, and the other half comes from work at home radio broadcasts for 3 internet radio stations so I have free time galore, so I fail to realise that most of the others do not. I am sorry if I insulted anyone. `Darth Reptinus
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