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Reptinus guy, I literally just picked this up as a hobby as well robot... whatever. The point is you have to try. If it made you mad crush it by showing it who is boss and use that frustration as a tool to push forward. I just recently graduated school to design visual art and effects for video games, and I will tell you this, there is no uniform way to make this stuff work right. Every coder uses their own tweaks, every texture/effects team will send a file between 30-50 people and steps from consept art to finished 3d renders to motion construction (per attack, ability, hell even the way they walk and run!) an then a entirely different team will take over and place all of that information into the environment than like 60 other people code triggers, scripts, way points map markers, enbemy movement and ai etc and sometimes games can take years if not decades to create. DO NOT GIVE UP! Doesn't matter the game, the tools etc, IT TAKES TIME, lots and lots and lots of it to get it just right before release. I would help you in anyway that I can I even posted on your wall man, and I just started with kotor. Hell I hadn't played this game in probably 10 years before I swooped it off steam to kill my freetime lol. DUDE SERIOUSLY DON'T GIVE UP!

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