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Originally Posted by Darth Reptinus View Post
I see no tuts on key elements of character creation, such as re-skinning the body model underwear in order to match skin tones without overriding all of them, yet I know it can be done and I am afraid that it takes more than adding "01" to the end of the texture name. Yet there are 3 tuts on how to edit the 2da to make the reskinned head work and no one bothered to ever continue this in ten years?
Sorry I missed your PM, but I've logged in very infrequently for the last few years. Real life takes priority

Since you do have a copy of my playable lizards, you should be able to see how a successful skinning mod works. I haven't looked at the files in a number of years (I'm kinda rusty, so take my help with a grain of salt), but I think you can open up the TSLpatcher file and study how it sets things up. I often like to use Notepad to open and edit them, especially if I'm going to be doing multiple lines of similar characters (I like the copying and pasting in Notepad).

Anyway, I can point you to a 2da tutorial (apparently I made it, but forgot I did )
I realize now, that picking Yoda as a tutorial example might not have been the most help (he only has one texture to worry about). IIRC, the TSLPatcher comes with a decent instruction, called ReadMe, really.pdf (I'm at work, so I don't have a copy to consult right now).

The funny thing about that lizard mod, is that it was my first real success. I was frustrated for weeks trying to figure out Taina's replacer and the Patcher. I went on vacation for a couple weeks in the summer, and had a eureka moment, but, I was nowhere near my computer, and had to wait until I got home to try it out.

It sounds like you want to put in a purple skintone underwear tga for your Twi'lek, without overriding the ABC skintones (Asian, Black, Caucasian), correct?

Anyway, if I can provide any more help, I'd prefer to do it in a thread, rather than PM, so that any other new modder can do a search, and maybe find the answers in these posts.

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