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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Hi buddy, Welcome to LucasForums! We're glad you joined us!!!

Err, as to your posting of your specific query, maybe try taking it to a subforum more suited to deal with this specifically? ...Or maybe a mod could move this here?

Sorry I can't be of help to you. But indeed, feel free to post away and chat with other members here. Enjoy your stay here.

I'm no staff member, BUT I suppose I can help you with basics of LF. Maybe a few tips here and there about the groups on some subforums and their etiquette (I.E. Yoda's Swamp in the Jedi Knight section).

Cya round!!!
Sorry if my initial post was in the wrong subforum, did a quick search in my case, but couldn't find anything related, so if moderators want to move it, go ahead.

Maybe sometime later I will find the time to become more familiar with this place. Currently I am too busy elsewhere, but I'll be back!
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