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Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
Since you do have a copy of my playable lizards, you should be able to see how a successful skinning mod works. I haven't looked at the files in a number of years (I'm kinda rusty, so take my help with a grain of salt), but I think you can open up the TSLpatcher file and study how it sets things up. I often like to use Notepad to open and edit them, especially if I'm going to be doing multiple lines of similar characters (I like the copying and pasting in Notepad).
This. I especially recommend it for checking out how things work in .2da files if you're having trouble with that; there may be lots of columns that look confusing in a given file, but checking out what gets changed in someone else's mod that uses the TSLPatcher allows you to inspect the *pertinent* columns, if nothing else giving you a good place to start experimenting. I recently did much the same thing- in order to figure out how to make force powers in a chain into separate force powers, I was able to look at the TSLPatcher information on a set of linked force powers I made a while back, allowing me to only have to figure out what to do with a few columns.

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
Anyway, if I can provide any more help, I'd prefer to do it in a thread, rather than PM, so that any other new modder can do a search, and maybe find the answers in these posts.
Also, I generally approve of this message; threads make it much easier for third parties to find and contribute information on a topic. =)

And in response to the original post, I hope I've been respectful/kind and apologize if I haven't been. Hope you stick around and share some mods =)

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