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Originally Posted by Malxados View Post
This. I especially recommend it for checking out how things work in .2da files if you're having trouble with that; there may be lots of columns that look confusing in a given file, but checking out what gets changed in someone else's mod that uses the TSLPatcher allows you to inspect the *pertinent* columns, if nothing else giving you a good place to start experimenting. I recently did much the same thing- in order to figure out how to make force powers in a chain into separate force powers, I was able to look at the TSLPatcher information on a set of linked force powers I made a while back, allowing me to only have to figure out what to do with a few columns.
That is exactly what I did to figure it out, I had some help via messages from Supreme Kotor, and a few others, folks in the forum threads as well, and YAHTZEE! I got it working beautifully. and I will post a tut here in few days on how to do some of what I was taught by others here. I am a extremely new member but It is a cake walk once you get the rythem down, and I am sorry you are upset but as near as I can tell all of the people that are still keeping this game alive rock! PM me and I will be more than happy to teach you what they taught me plus some stuff I learned while in school

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