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Might as well throw my hat into the ring.

Like what Canderis said, most of us are self-taught. I started modding back in '09, and when I downloaded Kotor Tool, I spent a good 6 months going through everything in it and learning their functions. And that was before I registered my account on here. At the end of it, I had self-taught myself on how to create modules, placeables, characters, items and so on. All the basic stuff.

This whole community is just a goldmine of information. It's amazing how after 10 years people are still interested in modding these games. And like it was said before, not everyone is around to hold your hand. A lot of us are busy with school/college or just living life. And a few others (especially me) have computer problems. Hell, I'm infamous for making mods and never getting around to finishing them (it's been over 3 years now).

In short, you learn modding just by...doing it. That's how I was.

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