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"Let's hope others managed to take down Voleran."

Vlalkor sat down in the pilot's chair and began to hit controls and the Shan slowly rose off the ground.It looked as if the Rakghouls hadn't managed to do any serious damage to the ship and the hull was still intact.

"If anyone could do it, they could." He said quietly as the Shan slowly turned around as Vlalkor scanned for humanoid life signs and quickly found them. "I've found them. They're not too far away, but I think they're fighting Rakghouls. There's a massive amount of them and the rakghouls lifesigns are constantly fading. There's only around twenty ghouls left and the lifesigns are still fading.

Vlalkor shook his head and the ship shot off towards the group.

"What in the hell...?"

Zarev was getting dizzy as he continued carrying Per'dra but his eyes widend as he looked down. "When Voleran died...he must have lost whatever hold he had over the Rakghouls. Whatever minds they had are probably gone."

He looked up as a massive shadow covered the group and the sound of an engine filled the air.

Zarev smiled again as the Shan's boarding ramp extended down to the group and Vlalkor appeared at the top of the ramp.

"Hurry up and get in!" He shouted down at the group. "Those ghouls are going to notice the ship any second now!"

Zarev ran up the ramp with Per'dra in his arms and Avriala looked at Velox. "You can either join us in fighting this threat or try and get back to your ship and leave. Just remember...your choice can affect the rest of the galaxy."
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