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Do not do anything rash moi chroi

I wasn't planning to. She sent back as she looked over at Jun-la. "I think we should get the child back to the ship. After that, we come back and get rid of Tyrannus once and for all." She whispered.

"Perhaps but it seems you are more interested in fighting. You have what you wanted... me. Let the others go and we can have all the fun you want."

Alriana couldn't help but be nervous. She had never seen Tavaryn like this. She knew that he and Tyrannus had some sort of feud between families but this...He had insulted Tavaryn and his mother's side of the family and if she had anything to say about she was going to join Tavaryn's family.

That meant Tyrannus had just insulted her as well.

Do you want help fighting him? She sent. This man either needs to die or be imprisoned, in carbonite if possible but I'd like to see him dead.
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