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Random Turn of Events

Post TS: on Telos: The grand reunion anticipated by the the two men left behind doesn't happen quite that way...

All dialogue, but that itself was amusing. Our Exile sounds like the kid in the car whining about how long it will be before you arrive, Revan comes across as a smart-ass who has all the facts, and a rapier wit to go with them. Such as:

(Exile speaking)"Lux Zorf? Why does that sound so familiar?"

"It should. You slept with him during the war. All the info is on my data pad."

Very amusing, especially the end

Pick of the Week

Revan's Galactic Acquisitions

Post TSL aboard Ebon Hawk enroute to Telos: Sequel to The Casino at the edge of the Galaxy, Revan's quiet return might have hit a snag...

The piece took up the ball where the previous work ended, and ran with it. Revan relaxing in a Force Cage of all things. T3 making dire threats from where they left him jammed into the bulkhead to seal the ship's damage, and the Exile still upset because she played Pazaak for the ship and lost. The comment that G0T0 should have been destroyed with Malachor sets up the next scene.

Seven chapters total, a real fun read.

Pick of the Week

Dark Empire: Exodus

Post TSL in the Unknown Regions: A young Jedi hopeful finds a new apprentice in an unlikely place

The piece is an interesting twist. You have a Jedi Padawan, captured by the secret Sith empire, finding her captor would make a better Jedi than Sith. Sort of like all those 'we'll turn you to the dark side' stories. She has that lever to use because to the Sith of this hidden Empire, the Jedi are a denigrated myth; Force Users that actually help people rather than ruling? Be real!

The Darkness of Love

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: While she loves Atton, there is a secret she has yet to reveal...

The piece may be a first fan fic, but it's well worth the read. The idea that she was not sent into Exile because of the war, but rather because she had fallen in love with Revan is an interesting twist.

Pick of the Week

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife
Lord Zeuss

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: The Exile and Atton find a way to hide

One minor thing; there are perhaps six way I can think of to kill someone without a drop of blood being spilled. And as much we see Nar Shaddaa as a place where you could see just about everything, I can't see many people ignoring a woman drenched in blood.

The piece is well done as a lot of LZ's work is, and the idea that the main one searching for her is basically asexual in the situation is well done. Having one who has absolutely no interest in these alien women at all rather than one who just can't seem to keep their hands off the women is a refreshing change.


AOTC right before landing on Geonosis: Why silence is rare to a soldier

The piece has an interesting view, mainly that of a soldier, though the first part suggests a lot more experience than a clone landing for his first battle. Perhaps it is more what he has been told than what he himself has experienced

The Dark Clone
Lord Darth Master

Some years after KOTOR: A female clone of Revan searches for the one person who shares her DNA.

When I read the blurb at the start, I was a bit confused. Why A: make a clone of Revan, and B: why make it a female instead? But I thoroughly enjoyed the scene where she murders her creator, and his purpose when he did. I liked the premise, and the commentary about what she was inside, Sage, warrior, and child rolled into one, and like any child, she wants it now...

Five chapters long, and I honestly wish I had time to read every one.

Pick of the Week

Your to Hold Songfic

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk after the Leviathan Revelation: Revan and Carth try to start again

The piece is primarily the song itself, but the words between, Revan literally saying, 'I want us back to what we were, that I was Revan but no more' is a nice take on the situation. I understand the view from both sides; that Revan is no longer there, but Carth can't let the past go. Something the game just sort of glosses over. In my own work over at Lucasforums, I had Carth looking back at everything the new incarnation of Revan had done that he witnessed to make the same decision, though in mine, they were never lovers.

The Lovers the Brothers and the Sith Part 1
Patti T

Seven months Post-KOTOR: The new love is tainted by the old

Remember to stay in one tense; you fluctuated between present and past tense throughout the work.

The piece is primarily a slice of life. Revan and Carth settling into a relationship, Dustil acting like you would expect a teen to act with Mission's help, and the memories of her first love (Malak) and him dying on the Star Forge before she could save him.

The Price of Vengeance
Castalia Moirae

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk and Leviathan: Vengeance is all consuming. What will Carth pay for his vengeance?

This is like the start of a disaster movie; the 'slice of life' that will descend into hell. Carth is so obsessed (As he is in the game) that he is willing to pay any price... Which leads to the problems after the revelation of who is companion really is.

Some People Change Part I: Taris
Elina Trevisan

KOTOR beginning before Taris: A smuggler is given a second chance

The piece is well written, and carries you along easily. The basic problem I had with KOTOR is that there is really no lead in to what is happening. The hero is merely there aboard the ship with no rhyme nor reason as to how she had gotten there. This story in the first chapter defines the character to be, and gives you a basis for how she ends up on the Endar Spire.

KOTOR III: The Forgotten Ones
Captain Charr

Post TSL: Abandoning the others, the Exile only wishes to be alone.

Considering all that had happened during her adventures, having the Exile merely run away to solitude is a logical option. Too much has been said negatively about what she is and might become to make it seem like the right idea. But like any hero of legend, the Gods, Force, (Or the writer) just won't let them go...

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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