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"I can't allow them to go. You see I've learned a lot about your family and a thing about interrogation. You are familiar with pressure points?"

Alriana stopped just as a quick series of force lightning blasts hit the area in front of them. She watched as Tavaryn placed himself between the group and Tyrannus.

As much as I would like it, I can't have you help. I agree he needs to die but first get you and the girl out. Be ready.

I understand...Just promise me that you'll be safe. She sent back as she prepared to grab the child and run with her. She looked down at the child and spoke quietly. "Be prepared to run as fast as you can when we leave. Don't look back...don't draw attention to yourself."

The child did look back and shook her head. "What about my father?" She whispered as she looked back at the Cathar Dark Jedi was was trying to get back to his feet.

Varith stumbled to his feet and ignited his lightsaber with a scowl on his face. He looked over at Tavaryn and Xandros. "I'm prepared to put aside my hatred of the jedi for a few minutes if you'll give me the honor of helping you put down this fool." He said as he looked over at his daughter for a moment and then at Alriana.

"You better make sure my daughter is safe." He said quietly as he turned around and faced Tyrannus.

"Tell me what is your motivation for being here when it is clear that you have animosity towards your brother Shinigami?"

Xandros muttered something under his breath. "The reason I'm here is to protect Jedi Alriana. And yes, I am angry at Tavaryn for what he did, but killing you takes priority here. Rest assured, you will die today."
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